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Two New Churches Planted!

The two new churches are located in the mountainous villages of Perrier and Odito. The first official worship service in Odito was Sunday, March 5 and presently has around 50 people attending the Sunday worship service. The first opening service in Perrier was March 19. There are presently 30 to 40 people attend the Sunday morning worship service. All churches leaders and Sunday school teachers must come to Montrouis every Tuesday evening for training and get ready for the next Sunday. So far, it is really a blessing for the villages and for the Lahai-Roi ministry.

In Perrier, we bought almost one acre of land and we had the closing last April. It is a nice piece of land though it is on the mountain. For Odito, the community is willing to give us the land for the church and possibly to build a school. Basically, things seem to be very positive for the two new churches.

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